Welcome to the place of overflowing grace in the midst of messy motherhood.
There are a lot of kids up in here, a lot of noise, and a lot of life. It's raw and real, and often sticky.
But I wouldn't trade it. (Except maybe the sticky part.)
Join me for the journey.  


Ten years ago, we slept in the living room on our first night in our new house.  Just the two of us. Last night, we slept in the living room on our last night in our old house.  Just the two of us. The six children that were born in the past decade are all installed comfortably at the grandparents’ house while we finish madly packing.  It is the first time I have spent a night away from them (other than the grudging hospital stays I’ve taken to have babies and to be with Ben during his operations).  It feels so empty here.  I’m used to so much life.  Echo.  Echo.  Echo… It started as some renovation projects.  Than a man approached us about renting.  Was it time?  After all these years of tr


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