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Driving in a Winter Wonderland


  Two year old’s selfie

Just a quick update.  Surgery has been moved to the 27th of December.  After Christmas.  Though we had scrambled to prepare for surgery today, I am glad to wait a couple weeks.  Rushing into brain surgery was giving me a headache.

Before we had made plans for an operation, we had planned to go to the Spina Bifida clinic today to see all the specialist doctors who deal with the issues that Ben physically faces.  Since they postponed surgery, we were able to attend this fun-filled office visit as originally scheduled.  So we ended up going to the big city on this snowy day, and after driving for a few hours and finally getting there and unpacking the baby and 2 year old and wheelchair and diaper bags and finding out we had gone to the wrong building and repacking and driving down the road and repeating the process with protesting back seat drivers, we eventually saw lots of people in white coats.  It was a long day trading two year old for baby from my lap to Daddy’s in a small exam room for hours.  Hours.  But we survived.

Trying out big brother's wheelchair while waiting for doctors to drop in… It's legit; really, the four month old can't walk either!

Trying out big brother’s wheelchair while waiting for doctors to drop in… (It’s legit; really, the four month old doesn’t know how to walk either!)


After a long time at the doctors’ office, and a shorter visit at the hospital where we met a new beautiful baby recently born with Spina Bifida (and where we’ll stay ourselves in a couple weeks for Ben’s surgery), we had some well-deserved mac and cheese at a restaurant.  Then we changed diapers in the car and drove out of the twinkly snow-kissed lights of the city.  We are home now.  Days like this sure do make our little house feel pretty appealing.  We’ll keep you posted.

"Why is Santa's deer sticking his head in the wall?"

“Why is Santa’s deer sticking his head in the wall?”

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