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Thankful November. For Him.

Because marriage is a union of two good forgivers. And he’s very gracious.

Because he was willing to travel the world with me, and also the steps across cold hospital floors.

Because he sees me in the morning and still calls me beautiful.

Because he is the most humble yet capable leader I’ve ever met in business, family, and worship.

Because he still thanks me for making dinner, even if he doesn’t like it.

Because he loves his children too much not to discipline - or to wrestle.

Because the bed would be cold without him in it.

Because he gets up every morning and I make him bacon, and he brings home more every night. And I use it all and he doesn’t complain.

Because when his handicapped son hits milestones it makes his eyes leak.

Because he doesn’t know everything, but he’s willing to try.

Because he builds chicken coops and plows garden space even though it’s not his idea of fun.

Because I see him before dawn bent over his Bible rather than social media.

Because he isn’t swayed by hype, but he is by example.

Because he chooses the harder path even though it’s unpopular. And his delight along the journey makes me want to follow him.

Because life is an adventure together and he’s always willing to share.

Because he’ll try to read bedtime stories even though they always put him to sleep.

Because he could have loved anyone, but he chose me, and continues to, every day,

I am thankful for my husband.

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