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Thankful November. For the Usual.

Business as usual.

We survived the holiday. Now, it’s back to work, back to life.

As normal, my husband got up to prepare for work. I woke the smoldering fire in the stove, fed the chickens, made him breakfast, stretched, and read from my One Year Bible before all the children woke (you try all that with a toddler helping).

Today I read from the book of Daniel.

He was, for all purposes, a conquered slave.

Ripped from his homeland and family, possibly made a eunuch, probably saw many of his closest friends and family murdered, stripped of all human rights - he had reasons to be bitter.

But instead, he made a point to keep his normal, even amidst the turmoil.

He kept the same diet.

He kept the same work ethic.

And he kept praying, daily, to the same God.

Even when his heart must have been broken.

Even when it must have seemed God was not listening.

Even when it was inconvenient.

Even when it might cost his life.

He did the usual.

Every day.

For decades.

How boring.

But you know, the Usual is Powerful.

He climbed ladders to the top in the most powerful regimes in HISTORY.

He likely took over running the empire while the ruler of the known world acted like an ass (literally) for seven years (and you think we have it bad!?!) And then he quietly handed it back!

He convinced the most authoritative rulers in the world that his God was the ultimate authority.

He even fought the supernatural forces of heaven in an epic clash of the very angels who controlled the spirit world.

With his usual.

Daniel was faithful.

And I’m not Daniel, but I can do the same in my little realm (which sometimes feels a bit oppressive in its expectations too...)

I can do normal.

Maybe that’s the most powerful way to live.

Thankful to do it. Today.

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