Welcome to the place of overflowing grace in the midst of messy motherhood.
There are a lot of kids up in here, a lot of noise, and a lot of life. It's raw and real, and often sticky.
But I wouldn't trade it. (Except maybe the sticky part.)
Join me for the journey.  

So Cute

Today is the International Day of the Girl. I don’t know who decides these things, or who else besides Americans would care to celebrate random holidays.  But no matter what, it seems appropriate. I am about half way through pregnancy.  We had an ultrasound yesterday; my first and probably the only one since there wasn’t a single issue bearing closer inspection. The spine looked beautiful.  The brain seemed normal.  The heart beat was healthy.  The baby kicked and squirmed.  And there was only one. And it wasn’t a boy. Whoa. At the announcement, I wasn’t excited.  In fact, mild panic set in. I mean, a seventh son?  I would have felt  like I’ve got this.  A disability?  We’re already there; w

State of the Unionsuits

It’s been a while.  How are you?  I’ve missed writing to you.  It’s therapeutic.  Plus life often seems way more sensible in hindsight.  Time to catch up. Summer is over.  The leaves are turning brilliant colors in my backyard; the air smells cool and spicy like every adult female for miles around is overdosing on pumpkin lattes.  Which they probably are.  Christmas shopping starts at the beginning of November (my husband runs a retail store; it’s true whether you admit it or not), so all the pumpkin must be pureed and consumed within the next month. I currently have a 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 11 year old (the oldest does like to be odd, ha).  It’s strange not to have a baby on my hip when I have


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